Pizza Manager Takes Swing At Customer Over Salad Bar Dispute

A pizza manager was placed on administrative leave after swinging a phone at a customer in Kennewick, Washington.

Johnny Velasco posted a video of the incident on Facebook, along with a description:

He approached me at the salad bar, aggressively demanding I put the salad on my plate back into salad bar, I respectfully denied his request based on it being unsanitary and the fact I’d patiently been waiting for my pizza to arrive for quite some time.

Yes, this was my second trip to the salad bar, but he could have approached me in 10 different ways. He immediately began to demand I leave the establishment after I denied his request, visibly agitated, he was shaking and threatened to call the police.

Which I was fine with, since I felt the “owner” was singling me out, and being racist to my family and I. I followed him to the phone where he was calling the police from, asked my wife to begin recording, when he suddenly violently swung at my wife, hitting her in the hand, knocking the phone out of her hand.

Kelly O’Leary, a part-owner of the restaurant, told that the employee in the video was not an owner:

He was out of line, nothing racial about it.

Despite the alleged assault, the Kennewick Police Department is not investigating the incident as a criminal matter.

(Sources:, Johnny Velasco/Facebook)

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