Pittsburgh Cops Beat Unarmed Man Because They Were ‘In Fear’

Five police officers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania were filmed while beating Daniel T. Adelman on Sept. 19.

One cop pummeled the unarmed 47-year-old man at least eight times in a video filmed by a witness, notes the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

While Alderman is being beaten, a cop is heard yelling: “Stop resisting!”

Alderman does not appear to be resisting or fighting back while trying to defend his face from the blows.

An unidentified cop smashed Alderman’s head into the concrete over and over, and another officer shouted: “Shut up you f*cker! Who the f*ck are you?!”

A plainclothes officer yells, “Use your f*cking taser Bobby!” and “Push the f*cking button! G*d Damn!”

While Alderman is being beaten, he repeatedly says, “I was only trying to help you” and “I’m trying to help you.”

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the five officers are Brian Markus, Andrew Jacobs, Todd Modena, Francis Rende and Robert Palivoda.

They have not been placed on leave.

According to city public safety spokeswoman Sonya Toler, three of the officers were in plainclothes when they saw David Jones, a suspect who was wanted on a warrant for forgery charges.

Court papers said the officers took down Jones, who tried to get away.

Adelman then ran toward the group, but the plainclothes officers yelled at him to back up and identified themselves as cops, according to police reports.

According to Officer Jacobs’ police report, Adelman “took a fighting stance,” which struck desperate fear into the hearts of the armed officers:

In fear he was going to strike myself or other officers, I struck the male in the face to halt his attacking and advancing nature.

Out of their intense fear, the cops took Adelman to the ground and beat him, while Officer Palivoda arrived on the scene and tased Adelman.

Elizabeth Pittinger, executive director of the Citizen Police Review Board, was also offended by the language used by officers: 

I think it’s very unfortunate that whatever the facts were, it will be colored by their language and their ferocious efforts to take this person into control.

For the public to see these officers engaged in that type of violence is disconcerting, it’s always disconcerting. It might have been less offensive if the language didn’t enhance the entire thing.

The woman who posted the video on Facebook, Joce Smith, said, “It made me sick to my stomach watching it.”

(Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

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Comment (2)

  1. This is just way off. You mean to tell me, you have five police officers (one the size of a tree), and no one, not even as a group, could contain this guy without beating his head in??????? PPPPLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE.

  2. I attended a concert that this evening and was on way back to my vehicle while this happened across the street, then I was approached by at least six African Americans asking me for money all within about a three hundred feet from the PPG Paints arena. This was the final straw for me I will never be visiting pittsburgh for ANYTHING every again this city should be ashamed of itself, as for me I will stay in my small town.


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