Pittsburgh Cop Uses Taser On Pizza Employee For No Reason

A Pittsburgh police officer was filmed using a Taser on a pizza restaurant employee on Oct. 30.

According to the Post-Gazette, Officer Ronald Hough is accused of tasing Dominic Reale inside the Villa Reale Pizzeria and Restaurant.

In the restaurant’s surveillance video, Hough  followed Reale around a counter.

Reale’s attorney, Joel Sansone, recalled what happened next:

As a joke, he put this young woman between himself and the police officer, thinking it would dissuade this officer from foolish conduct. But when he saw it didn’t, he got out of her way and went behind the counter.

In the surveillance video, Hough fired his Taser over the woman’s shoulder and electrocuted Reale in the chest.

Sansone said:

Mr. Reale is just standing there talking to this young woman and literally with zero provocation of any type or kind, this officer took out his Taser, discharged his Taser into my client’s chest within inches of the young lady.

Reale told the Post-Gazette that he was “totally shocked” that Hough fired the Taser:

I’m terrified. I’m still terrified. I’ve been threatened.

Sansone claimed that “numerous” police officers have visited the restaurant and “intimidated” Reale, and suggested he delete the video evidence:

Some want to cover it up, and some want the officer to burn. And we have no interest in either of those. We have an interest in my client being left alone.


Pittsburgh police Chief Scott Schubert said: “I take any complaint seriously. We are going to thoroughly investigate and take appropriate action either way with the outcome.”

Sansone also released video (below) of Hough pointing his Taser at a register repair man in the same restaurant on Oct. 23, 

A witness said Hough made a joke along the lines of, “If you don’t hurry up and fix that, I’m going to tase you,” Sansone added.

(Source: Post-Gazette)

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