Phoenix Cop Shoots At Fleeing Shirtless Driver

A police officer opened fire on a shirtless driver who tried to flee in Phoenix, Arizona in July 2017.

Antonio Garcia-Goff was found sleeping in his white Toyota Camry by Officer George Davis who was responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle.

Garcia-Goff was homeless and struggling with drug addiction, and knew he had a warrant out for his arrest, reports the Phoenix New Times.

Davis is heard demanding IR and saying that Garcia-Goff has a stub gun and a knife on the passenger front seat of his vehicle.

Suddenly, Garcia-Goff rolls up his tinted window.

Davis screams: “I’m gonna put a f*cking b- “, pulls out his gun, and positions himself in front of Goff’s vehicle, and at an angle.

Garcia-Goff drives away while Davis shoots at him for reasons unknown.

Garcia-Goff was reportedly shot in the neck, and abandoned his vehicle.

The Phoenix New Times notes what happened next, per Garcia-Goff’s excessive force lawsuit against the police:

When Phoenix police caught up with Garcia-Goff the day the officer shot at him, he was hiding in a backyard off North First Street. Garcia-Goff “clearly stopped fleeing as he was under the bench and clearly said to the officers surrounding him, ‘I give up,’” the lawsuit states.

That’s when, Garcia-Goff claims, Officer McCarthy told the young man, “You’re going to wish you said that earlier” and commanded his police dog, Fracken, to attack, “unleashing excessive-deadly force,” according to the lawsuit.

The dog bit Garcia-Goff in the throat, arm, and knee. Then, Garcia-Goff alleges, other police officers jumped on him and punched him, telling him he was going to prison. Garcia-Goff was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for the dog bites after his arrest.

Elizabeth Tate, Garcia-Goff’s attorney, told the Phoenix New Times that police intentionally allowed the police dog to injure Garcia-Goff:

The officers wanted to exact punishment on him for leading them on a four-hour chase. He surrendered. He was no threat, but the officer unleashed the dog on him.

(Source: Phoenix New Times)

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