Philadelphia Cop Shoots Unarmed Mentally Disabled Man Who Was Panhandling In Traffic

A plainclothes police officer shot an unarmed mentally disabled man, Joel Johnson, who was panhandling while traffic was stopped in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 20.

Johnson’s father, Joseph Vazque, told KYW-TV about his 28-year-old son:

My son is one of the sweetest boys, well grown men that you would ever know. He didn’t even know who this police officer was. All he knows is that he felt a burn in his stomach, and then he fell. All I want is justice for my son.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said the officer thought he was being carjacked, even though Johnson was unarmed and no one else reported a carjacking.

The officer, who shot Johnson, has been placed on desk duty while an internal; investigation commences.

(Source: KYW-TV)

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