Pet Owners Abuse Their Animals To Get Drugs From Veterinarians

DEA officials are warning that people are injuring their own animals in order to get prescription medication from veterinarians to feed their habit.

A woman in Elizabethtown, Kentucky used razor blades to cut her mixed-breed retriever to get an opioid pain killer, Tramadol.

Elizabethtown Police Officer John Thomas recalled the case to the Louisville Courier Journal:

I remember my initial feeling of disbelief, this can’t be real. It was shocking.

Scott Brinks, with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s Diversion Control Division in Washington, cautioned more than 200 Kentucky doctors — including  veterinarians — to watch for potential drug seekers who abuse animals for drugs.

Jill Lee, an investigator and pharmacy consultant with Kentucky’s prescription drug monitoring program, said veterinarians can’t run the check on the pet owners since the animal is the patient.

However, if that were logically true, the animal would be financially responsible for  their care.

(Source:Louisville Courier Journal)

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