People Wear Adult Diapers To Watch Ball Drop In Times Square

Folks in Times Square braved the coldest New Year’s Eve since 1962 to welcome in 2018. When the famous ball descended, the temperature was 9 degrees with a with a minus-4 wind chill factor (video below).

While several people bragged to the New York Post about withstanding the cold temperatures, others revealed they were wearing adult diapers because they are not allowed out of the police pens even if they had to go to the bathroom.

Dallas teacher Heather Feist said, “So far, it’s dry, and I’m hoping to keep it that way.”

“I’ll definitely need to shower after peeing my pants all day,” added Ayame Yamakawa, from Okinawa, Japan.

NYU student Mizy Yamazaki just decided to leave:  “We thought, ‘Oh, it’s only New York — we can do it.’ But no.”

In 2015, some young ladies from Georgia told ABC-TV that they were wearing diapers (video below).

(Sources: ABC-TV via YouTube, New York Post)

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