People Terrified As Airline Pilot Performs Low-Flying Stunt

A pilot flying an Air Berlin plane terrified people by doing a low flyover over the airport terminal in Dusseldorf. Germany on Oct. 15.

Flight AB7001 was carrying 200 passengers from Miami to Germany when the pilot decided make a sharp turn towards the terminal building, scaring the people inside, notes The Local.

An airport employee told the Daily Mirror:”It was a strange feeling when the A330 came right at us, as we did not know before that it would do a honorary lap.”

However, people in the control tower of Dusseldorf Airport applauded the pilot’s maneuver. The pilot stated in German that Air Berlin will “cease it long-distance flights tomorrow” because Air Berlin filed for insolvency, notes the Daily Mirror.

Air Berlin claims that the tower gave the pilot permission for a turn to the left in the case of an aborted landing, but Germany’s federal aviation authority (LBA) is going to investigate.

(Source: Daily Mirror, The Local, CEN)

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