Pennsylvania Republicans Want To Require Death Certificates And Burials For Fertilized Eggs That Never Implant In The Uterus

Republicans in Pennsylvania want to pass a bill that would require burials and death certificates for “fetal remains,” which would include fertilized eggs that do not implant in the uterus, reports Business Insider.

The science-challenged “Pennsylvania Final Disposition of Fetal Remains Act” could lock up doctors and/or women up to 30 days and fine them $50 to $300.

However, fertilized eggs that don’t implant in the uterus are usually undetectable as those eggs normally dissolve in utero.

Christine Castro, a staff attorney at the Pennsylvania-based Women’s Law Project, told Vice that “the bill is written in a misleading way.”

The University of California San Francisco Health notes that only half of a woman’s fertilized eggs will naturally implant in her uterus.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Medicine and Public Health says the other 50% of the fertilized eggs, which don’t implant in the uterus, dissolve in the body and are expelled. According to the National Institutes of Health, new fertilized eggs are about the size of a pinhead.

(Sources: Business Insider, Vice, University of California San Francisco Health, University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Medicine and Public Health, National Institutes of Health, Photo Credit: quapan/Flickr)

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