Pennsylvania Cops Delay Search For Missing Child Because Of Marijuana Smell

The Ashley Borough Police Department in Pennsylvania announced on Oct. 3 that it had delayed a search for a missing child after smelling marijuana at a residence that was unrelated to the missing child.

The police wrote on Facebook:

On 10/3/17 at 0820 a lost child call on W. Hartford St. led officers to an unrelated incident when an odor of marijuana was detected at a seperate residence. Officers obtained consent and a search of the residence yielded multiple paraphernalia related objects along with a small amount of marijuana. The investigation is continuing. Ashley PD was assisted by Sugar Notch PD.

Facebook commenters pounded the police:

Did they even find the kid or were they to obsessed on the petty war on drugs that they’d risk this kids life?

I think everyone on this thread can agree, every last one of you is a waste of space and oxygen. Go get real jobs you spineless tax dependent cowards.

I’ll be sleeping easier tonight know there are such good cops on the streets!

“Consent” search? They didn’t even have a warrant. Homeowner should have simply shut the door in their face.

(Source: Ashley Borough Police Department/Facebook)

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