Pennsylvania Cops Break Unarmed College Student’s Face, Take Trophy Photos

A 24-year-old college student Jarrett Leaman was arrested for public drunkenness in June 2019 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (RAW VIDEO BELOW).

Leaman was taken to jail where he was beaten by Harrisburg police and prison corrections officers who left him with a broken orbital bone, and strapped to a restraint chair unconscious.

Newly-released Jail surveillance video shows the drunk student accidentally turn the wrong way at the metal detector.

Multiple officers slammed Leaman to the floor face-first and jump on top of him. One officer put his knee into Leaman’s neck, reports WHTM.

When Leaman writhed on the ground in agony, the cops claimed he was “resisting.” The cops then drag Leaman into a restraint chair, and continue to beat him.

Officer Christopher Mackie reportedly followed Leaman’s restraint chair into the other room, lifted up Leaman’s spit mask, pulled out his cellphone and took a trophy picture while laughing and giving the thumbs up.

Mackie quietly resigned to avoid any repercussions.

District Attorney Fran Chardo claimed that no excessive force took place and that Leaman caused his own injuries.

However, Leaman’s attorney, Leticia Chavez-Freed released the video this week to show how Chardo and the police lied, notes PennLive

Somebody’s not telling the truth. You show me where they are justified.

Chavez-Freed said the video shows Mackie punched an already restrained Leaman, whose injuries included facial fracture and welts and bruises.

(Sources: PennLive, WHTM)

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