Pennsylvania Cop Shoots Unarmed Man Inside Jail Cell, No Criminal Charges

A newly-released video shows an unidentified officer shooting an unarmed suspect inside a jail cell, Brian Riling, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania on March 3.

WPVI notes “Riling, unbuckled his belt, and in the process of taking it off, a small square plastic baggie fell to the ground. Riling immediately covers it with his foot. Next, a struggle begins between the two officers in the cell and Riling. While the officer calls out “taser, taser” he pulls a gun from his waistband. He shot Riling once in the stomach.”

Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub ruled on April 12 that there would not be any criminal charges against the officer: “The conduct was neither justified nor criminal, but excused because the officer honestly believed that he was using his taser when he shot Mr. Riling in the stomach.”

Weintraub mentioned the officer had prior “very minor infractions,” but refused to say what the violations were.

(Source: WPVI)

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