Pennsylvania Cop Punches Woman In The Face With Taser

A police officer was filmed punching a woman, Dominique Difiore, in the face with his Taser in Chester, Pennsylvania on March 17 (more video below).

Police claim Difiore pushed the officer, byt some are questioning the amount of force the officer used, notes,KYW-TV.

Police were reportedly trying to end an apparent drunken brawl, which began as a a Widener University pub crawl.

Witnesses say after Difiore fell to the ground, the officer tased her ear.

Difiore was arrested along with Jaylene Westfall (and 19 others who witnessed the incident” “Her whole ear was gushing blood. She was nonstop bleeding by the ear. She was in shock.”

“I think it was excessive force,” Matt Pfaff, a neighbor, said. “I think it was ridiculous to do something like that, no matter how frustrated you get. They’re trained to do better.”

Chester police refused to name the officer in a statement: “A partial video of the event is circulating on various social media platforms. The incident, the video and the level of force used in connection with the event are all currently under investigation.”

(Sources: KYW-TV, Zeb Wright/Twitter, Zeb Wright/Twitter)

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