Pence’s Visit To Trump Detention Camp Reveals Horrible Conditions, Overwhelming Urine Smell

Vice President Mike Pence’s public relations tour of a border detention center in McAllen, Texas turned into a disaster as the inhumane conditions were revealed.

Jonathan Ryan, the CEO of civil rights organization RAICES, told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes that reports from the camps are “consistent and they’re horrific“:

The treatment that we hear about from the officers themselves indicates not an aberration from training, but truly training itself — rough treatment, body checks, disgusting language, it’s all commonplace inside of these facilities because that is the culture, and frankly, this is what these exist facilities do, to further terrorize immigrants and frankly to make them give up their rights so that lawyers like those at RAICES are unable to help them to get the protection that they deserve...

We’ve never seen anything like the images that are coming out from today’s visit and to your point, if this was to have been constructed as a PR opportunity, I think it appears to have blown up in the face of the vice president significantly, because I’m shocked even knowing what I know, I’m shocked by the images I’m seeing.

Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsley was one of the pool reporters traveling with Pence, and described the inhumane conditions on Twitter:

(Sources: MSNBC, Twitter)

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