Pence Tells Southern Baptist Convention: ‘Our Administration Will Always Stand With You’

Vice President Mike Pence swore the loyalty of the Trump administration to the Southern Baptist Convention during a controversial speech in Dallas, Texas.

Pence made his promise to 9,000 Southern Baptist members, notes The Washington Post:

Today on behalf of the president, I want to say thank you. Thank you to the Southern Baptist Convention for the essential and irreplaceable role you play in America. I’ll make you a promise: This president, this vice president and our administration will always stand with you.

Pence bragged to the religious crowd about the Trump administration, reported POLITICO (video below).  

Pence’s political speech was noted by J.D. Greear, the newly-elected president of the denomination, on Twitter:

The Friendly Atheist noted the record of the Southern Baptist Convention, which is mostly white:

They don’t support victims of domestic abuse.

They don’t support transgender troops.

They don’t support immigrants from African countries.

The don’t support immigrants from non-African countries.

They don’t support Gold Star parents.

They don’t support Muslims.

They don’t support black people.

They don’t support women who wear chastity belts.

They don’t support our allies.

They don’t support women who fight for their reproductive rights.

They don’t support independent investigators.

They don’t support reporters doing their jobs.

They don’t support protesters at football games.

They don’t support those who advocate for free speech.

(Sources: The Washington Post, J.D. Greear/Twitter, Friendly Atheist, POLITICO/Twitter)

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