Pence Lies on CNN: Trump Never ‘Belittled The Threat of The Coronavirus’

Vice President Mike Pence claimed on CNN that President Donald Trump has never “belittled the threat of the coronavirus” even though the Washington Post recently published a compilation video of Trump belittling the deadly virus beginning in January.

CNN host Wolf Blitzer reminded Pence of Trump’s past comments:

But let’s not forget, on January 2nd, he said we have it totally under control. On Feb. 5th, he said it was very well under control. On Feb. 7th, he said, the virus, in his words, was going to disappear.

But now we’re being told, under the best scenario, a hundred thousand Americans over the next few weeks and months could die. What happened? Why was the U.S. so late in understanding the enormity of this coronavirus?

Pence deflected blame to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, which he claimed rated the virus as a “very low” risk to Americans.

Blitzer fired back:

I’ll just point out. It would have been good if the president wouldn’t have been belittling the enormity of this crisis, the coronavirus pandemic, as he was.

Pence then tried his signature gas lighting:

Well, Wolf, respectfully, I’d take issue with two things that you just said. I don’t believe the president has ever belittled the threat of the coronavirus.

(Sources: CNN via YouTube, The Washington Post)

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