Pence Falsely Claims Trump Never Endorsed WikiLeaks

Vice President Mike Pence falsely claimed in an interview with CNN that President Donald Trump’s enthusiastic support of WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential race was not an endorsement of the organization, notes the Washington Post (more video below):

I think the president always, as you and the media do, always welcomes information. But that was in no way an endorsement of an organization that we now understand was involved in disseminating classified information by the United States of America.

Pence failed to mention Trump’s public proclamation of “love” at his rallies for WikiLeaks for sharing stolen emails from Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta. NBC News noted that Trump gushed over WikiLeaks 141 times at 56 events in the last month of the campaign.

Pence himself was also caught on video marveling at WikiLeaks publishing of stolen emails.

(Sources: The Washington Post, Bloomberg via Twitter, Channel 4 News/Twitter)

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