Pence Dodges Reporter’s Questions About His Knowledge Of Trump’s Illegal Ukraine Deal

Vice President Mike Pence dodged NBC News reporter Vaugh Hilyard’s questions about President Donald Trump’s efforts to get Ukraine to dig up dirt on Democratic candidate Joe Biden in exchange for U.S. aid.

Hilyard asked Pence about his knowledge of the infamous deal:

Were you ever aware, Mr. Vice President, of interest in the Bidens — interest in investigating the Bidens — was at least part of the reason for aid to Ukraine being held up? Were you ever aware?

Pence, who is famous for his gas lighting, stuttered and dodged:

I, uh, I never discussed the issue of, of, the issue of the Bidens with President Zelensky. Wh-what I can tell you is that all of our discussions internally, I mean, the president, and our team, and our contacts in my office in Ukraine, were focused on the broader issues of lack of European support and corruption —

Hilyard asked the question again:

But you were aware of interest in the Bidens being investigated? And that being tied to aid to Ukraine being held up?

Pence replied with the wiggle phrase “from my experience”:

Well that’s your question. And I want to be very clear. The issue of aid and our efforts with regard to Ukraine were from my experience in no way connected to the very legitimate concern the American people have about corruption that took place, about things that happened in the 2016 election in Ukraine.

(Source: MSNBC via Twitter)

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