Pence Defends Trump’s Secret Call To Ukraine President To Dig Up Dirt On Biden

Vice President Mike Pence defended President Donald Trump’s secret call to Ukraine’s president to dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden was “appropriate.”

Pence told reporters that foreign countries should be investigating law-abiding Americans at Trump’s request:

One of the major reasons we were elected was to drain the swamp. I think the American people have right to know if the vice president of the United States or his family profited from his position as vice president during the last administration. That is about looking backwards and understanding what really happened.

Pence claimed Biden and his son Hunter are “worth looking into,” but couldn’t say why:

And the president made it very clear that he believes our other nations around the world should look into it, as well. The simple fact is, when you hold the second highest office in the land, it comes with unique responsibilities.

Not just to be above impropriety but to be above the appearance of impropriety. There are legitimate questions that ought to be an asked. We will continue to ask them because the American people have a right to know whether or not the vice president of United States or his family profited from his position.

Pence failed to mention the numerous times that Trump has profited from ordering government officials (including Pence and his team) stay at Trump hotels.

(Source: Fox News)

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