Pence Calls For End Of Mueller Investigation, Parrots Nixon On Watergate

Vice President Mike Pence called for an end to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russia and the Trump campaign (more video below).

Pence made his plea during an interview with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC.

Pence sounded like President Richard Nixon when he called for an end to the Watergate investigation after one year, notes MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Pence falsely claimed that Trump administration had fully cooperated with Mueller, and said it was in the interest of the country to end the lawful investigation,

Pence failed to mention that Mueller has 14 indictments of Trump associates so far.

Pence also tried to distance himself from reports that President Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen took millions of dollars from companies in exchange for access to Trump:

Well, what I can say is that, that private matter is something I don’t have any knowledge about, and the White House issued a statement saying the same.

(Source: MSNBC via YouTube, MSNBC via Twitter)

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