Pelosi Accuses Trump of ‘Cover Up,’ Trump Denies But Still Refuses To Release Taxes And Ignores Over 80 Congressional Requests

President Donald Trump pushed back against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for accusing him over a “cover up,” even though he still refuses to release his taxes and his administration has refused over 80 requests from Congressional leaders for documents.

Trump cried the blues in the Rose Garden outside the White House:

I came here for a meeting with Democrats, not thinking that they wanted to do infrastructure or anything else other than investigate. Nancy Pelosi, just before our meeting made a statement that we believe that the president of the United States is engaged in a cover-up. It turns out I’m the most, I think most of you would agree to this. I’m the most transparent president probably in the history of this country.

(Source: CNN via YouTube, The Washington Post)

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