Pat Robertson Worries About Charlie Rose, Roy Moore, ‘Terrific People’ Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Televangelist Pat Robertson defended Charlie Rose, Roy Moore and other “terrific people” who have been accused of sexual misconduct.

Robertson made his comments to a female co-host on “The 700 Club,” notes Right Wing Watch:

Now it’s looked on as shocking but, folks, it’s been happening a long time and nobody said anything about it. Now they’re finally wising up, but I just hate to see some of these men’s careers—I mean, guys like Charlie Rose, these are terrific people and I hate to see it happen.

These guys don’t have a trial, either. They don’t have the rules of evidence to force these accusers to come forward with the preponderance of evidence is what you get in a trial. You don’t have that now, so these people’s careers are being ruined and we just hope and pray that these women are telling the truth.

(Source: Right Wing Watch)

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