Pat Robertson: Trump Should Pardon Everybody, Shut Down Mueller Investigation

Televangelist Pat Robertson called on President Donald Trump to issue a blanket pardon for “everybody” indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller and to stop Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign-Russian alleged collusion during the 2016 election.

Robertson falsely claimed that Mueller’s investigation has been “tainted” because Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC partially funded an opposition research dossier that alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, notes Right Wing Watch.

There’s no proof that Mueller’s investigation or the indictments are actually based that dossier, which was also funded by the conservative Washington Beacon news site.

Robertson called for mass pardons and for Mueller’s investigation of Trump to be shut down by Trump:

Trump can grant a pardon to everybody involved in this thing if he wants to. This whole thing has got to be shut down … He has every right to shut Mueller down and say, “You have gone as far as you need to and I have instructed my Justice Department to close you down.”

He can grant a blanket pardon for everybody involved in everything and say, “I pardon them all, it’s all over, case closed. ” I think that is what he needs to do … He’s got to shut this thing down, he’s just got to.

(Source: Right Wing Watch)

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