Pat Robertson Thanks God For Sparing His Properties From Hurricane Florence

Televangelist Pat Robertson thanked God for sparing his Christian Broadcasting Network and Regent University in Virginia from Hurricane Florence, which he prayed for.

Robertson said that the hurricane’s likely targets — North and South Carolina and Georgia — could simply pray away the storm as he did, notes Right Wing Watch:

We’ve seen many, many, many prayers being answered.

We prayed together in our staff a few days ago and asked the Lord to move that hurricane’s course away from this area and from what we gather right now, the storm track has shifted south of this area and we no longer are under the threat of a serious hurricane here … For that, I’m grateful.

God has answered prayer in relation to us here at Regent and CBN. All I can say is thank the Lord that we, at this point—sitting here with CBN, Regent University, and all the things we do here—has been spared once again and people have been praying.

I hope you would pray—those of you in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, wherever you live—seek God and he is able to give you relief.

(Source: Right Wing Watch)

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