Pat Robertson Defends Saudi Arabia’s Murder Of Journalist By Accusing U.S. Of Multiple Murders

Televangelist Pat Robertson defended Saudi Arabia’s apparent murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi on the Christian-based  The 700 Club” because the Saudis oppose Iran and because the Saudis purchase military weapons from the U.S., notes Right Wing Watch (more video below):

We’ve got to cool the rhetoric. What the president is trying to do is give the Saudis an out. Calls for sanctions and calls for punitive actions against the Saudis is ill-advised …

You’ve got a hundred billion dollars worth of arms sales—which is, you know, that’s one of those things—but more than that, we’ve got to have some Arab allies. We have to have it! We cannot alienate a biggest player in the Middle East who is a bulwark against Iran.

When Robertson’s co-host Wendy Griffith said the U.S. could not support governments killing journalists with impunity, Robertson defended the Saudis by saying the U.S. had also killed people:

We’ve had so many people killed. We’ve had CIA people killed in Lebanon. People have been taken hostage over the years. I know it’s bad, but we’ve had all kinds of stuff, but you don’t blow up an international alliance over one person. I mean, I’m sorry.

On Oct. 15, Robertson defended the Saudis — who have a horrific human rights violation record — by again saying the U.S.’s key enemy in the Middle East is Iran.

(Sources: The 700 Club via YouTube, Right Wing Watch, The 700 Club via Twitter, Human Right Watch, Middle East Eye)

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