Pastor Tells Oklahoma Lawmakers Gay Marriage Caused School Shooting In Florida

Pastor Bill Ledbetter of the Fairview Baptist Church in Durant, Oklahoma, told the Oklahoma State Senate that the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, was caused by immorality and legal same-sex marriage.

Ledbetter offered no proof of his claim, which he delivered with conviction, notes KOTV:

Jacob (Nikolas) Cruz, February the 14th, went into a school and killed 17 of our people. Our kids. What is going on? Do we really believe we can create immorality in our laws, do we really believe that we can redefine marriage from the word of God to something in our own mind and there not be a response?

Several senators walked out, and one complained about Ledbetter’s loving message.

Ledbetter defended himself by offering the classic Republican response that he was simply asking a question: “What if this is God’s way of letting us know he doesn’t approve of our behavior?”

(Source: KOTV)

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