Pastor Tells Kids Santa Is Fake While Families Take Pictures With Santa

Pastor David Grisham recently went to a store at the “North Pole” in Alaska where parents were taking their kids to be photographed with Santa.

Grisham announced to the children that Santa Claus is not real,  Christmas is about Jesus and how parents, not Santa, deliver Christmas presents.

I’d ask you parents too, please do not lie to your children. Please tell your children the truth about Jesus at Christmas, and not make Christmas a festival of gluttony and greed.

Several parents complained, and a store employee told Grisham to stop, but he kept his anti-Santa diatribe going.

The Friendly Atheist notes: “He did the same thing last year at a mall in Texas. And in 2010, with his group Repent Amarillo, he published a video of Santa getting shot by a firing squad.”

(Sources: Friendly AtheistDavid Gresham/Facebook)

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