Pastor Says COVID Safety Rules Are ‘Social Experiment’ by Government to Control Churches, Even After Pandemic

Pastor Greg Fairrington — of Destiny Church in Rocklin, California, which had a COVID-19 outbreak — told churchgoers on Feb. 21 that safety rules are a “social experiment” to control churches and will continue even after the deadly pandemic is over.

Fairrington, who has defied COVID-19 safety rules, did not provide evidence for his bizarre claim:

This has never been about a virus, people. Never been. This is a social experiment. Government has taken its steps inside the church and told the church what to do. You think it’s gonna end when the virus ends? You’re wrong. It’s not… It is coming. If you are not socially compliant, it is coming. I just want to know who’s going with me. Anybody going with me?

(Source: Destiny Church via Twitter)

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