Pastor Says Christian Parents Should Take Children On Dangerous Mission Trips

Pastor John Piper is advising Christian parents to take their children on dangerous missionary trips around the world.

Piper dispensed his advice on his Desiring God website on Oct. 23:

Should a Christian couple take their children into danger as part of their mission to take the gospel to the unreached peoples of the world? Short answer: Yes.

Why? Because the cause is worth the risk, and the children are more likely to become Christ-exalting, comfort-renouncing, misery-lessening exiles and sojourners in this way than by being protected from risk in the safety of this world.

Piper backed up his advice by citing non-related quotes from the New Testament written by the Apostle Paul who was unmarried, had no children and was executed during his missionary trip to Rome.

Piper added:

No matter how many Western, comfort-assuming, security-demanding, risk-avoiding Christians think otherwise, the truth is that there are worse risks for our children than death. This is simple Bible-reality. Not easy. Just simple. It is not complex or hard to grasp. There are things vastly worse than death. Wasting your life is worse than losing it.

(Source: Desiring God)

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