Pastor Robert Jeffress Credits Trump For SCOTUS Anti-Gay Wedding Cake Ruling

Pastor Robert Jeffress credited President Donald Trump for the U.S. Supreme Court’s 7-2 ruling for anti-gay baker Jack Phillips on June 5.

Phillips falsely assumed on Fox News on June 5 that he can still discriminate against LGBT people, notes ThinkProgress, even though LGBT discrimination is still illegal in Colorado (video below).

Jeffress told Fox News that the Supreme Court was now “faith friendly,” and added that the ruling “was huge, regardless of what the left will try to tell you.”

Jeffress demonstrated that he was math-challenged by suggesting that Justice Neil Gorsuch somehow changed the 7-2 vote, falsely claimed that former President Obama had “hostility toward conservative Christians,” and then credited Trump:

It’s changed in several ways, not just with the addition of Neil Gorsuch, and here’s what I mean, Bill.

Just as President Obama’s hostility toward conservative Christians created an atmosphere that was conducive to the original charges against [cake-maker] Jack Phillips.

I believe President Trump’s faith-friendly attitude has created an atmosphere in America that is conducive of the kind of ruling we saw in the Supreme Court yesterday.

(Source: Fox News via YouTube, Fox News via YouTubeThinkProgress)

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