Pastor Plans ‘Make America Straight Again’ Conference, Warns Parents They Will Lose Their Children To Gays

Pastor Patrick Boyle of the Revival Baptist Church in Clermont, Florida is planning a “Make America Straight Again” conference to warn parents that they could lose their children to homosexuality.

Boyle explained his bizarre logic to Spectrum News 13:

They are beyond reach, the Sodomites. We are not trying to reach them. We are trying to warn society that if we embrace that, you are going to lose your children… The schools are telling them it’s an alternative lifestyle choice.

They are going to be out there protesting love, love, love — yet if we can make a compilation of the voicemails from these crowds, it’s all but love. They hate us, and I don’t have any qualms with saying I hate them.

(Source: Spectrum News 13)

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