Pastor Places Curse on People Who Have ‘Stolen the Election’ From Trump

Pastor Bob Rodgers of the Evangel World Prayer Center in Louisville, Kentucky, placed a curse on everyone, who has supposedly “stolen the election” from President Donald Trump, during a bizarre sermon on Jan. 10, reports WHAS:

Father, those that have lied, those that have stolen this election, those that have cheated, I place the curse of God upon them. I curse you with weakness in your body. I curse you with poverty. I curse you with the worst year you’ve ever had in the name of the Lord.

Rodgers later changed his story, and told WDRB that he was actually praying against the devil:

This is praying for a nation that Satan is trying to destroy. And Satan is using people, and God gives us great power and authority, and I’m using that power and authority in Jesus’ name.

It’s a biblical prayer. It’s a prayer that we as Christians have a right to pray. When you fast, there’s a greater anointing to pray and seek God than at other times. So I’m proud to be an American. I love everybody. I’m not mad at anybody except the devil.

Rev. Damian Thompson of Emmanuel Baptist Church slammed Rodgers:

It was pretty disturbing stuff, promoting a narrative that’s not true. That’s false in our country and undermining the overall effects and using Christianity to do that. It’s a problem for me as a leader. It’s a problem as a faith leader.

Joshua Hart, the pastor of All Nations Worship Assembly in Louisville and Chicago, was also appalled by Rodgers:

I don’t see Jesus cursing people or putting damnation on people or putting poverty on people. I see his whole ministry breaking poverty off of them. I have a bit of an issue with the way that my personal savior is being used for political power.

(Sources: WDRB, WHAS/YouTube)

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