Pastor: Parents Burn Down ‘Sexualized’ Public Schools

Pastor Kevin Swanson said on his “Generations” radio show that today’s “sexualized public schools” would be burned down by parents from the 1950s, and his co-host Bill Jack said the schools should be burned down.

According to Right Wing Watch, Swanson and Jack were upset that Washington state public schools are teaching students about gender identity; Swanson linked this to a rape allegation against an employee at the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Swanson said: “Trying to understand the problem in these state agencies, when it comes to sexual issues, is like trying to discern if there is a rape going on in a whorehouse.”

Swanson said it was time to “get kids out of the public schools”, and Jack added: “We need to burn ’em down.”

Swanson added: “If you transported parents from the 1950s into 2017 they would want to burn these schools down,” and Jack replied, “They would want to burn them down. They would tear the bricks out of the walls. They would use the bricks to stone the apostates.”

(Source: Right Wing Watch, Picture: Kevin Swanson/Twitter)

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