Pastor: No Divorce For Unhappy Couples, Marriage Not ‘About Staying In Love’

Speaking on his Internet radio show, Pastor John Piper said that couples should not divorce if they fall out of love because marriage is not “about staying in love.”

It is, in my judgment, almost ludicrous to think that we experience “being in love” the same for the entire sixty years, just like we felt at the beginning of that relationship. That’s just utterly crazy. It is naïve and immature to think that staying married is mainly about staying in love…

Staying married is not first about staying in love. It’s about covenant keeping, promise keeping. Be a man and woman of your word, a man and woman who keeps the vows to be committed for better or for worse, a man and a woman of character. That’s what it’s about…

Piper went on to say that married couples didn’t create their marriage, and therefore cannot break it in divorce:

They didn’t create it. They can’t break it. God made it. God breaks it with death, or, as I think Paul would say, “You are free to break your marriage covenant when Christ breaks his covenant with his bride…”

Oh, what joy lies ahead beyond anything you can presently imagine for those who keep their covenant, even when their hearts are broken.

(Source:, Photo Credit: John Piper/Twitter)

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