Pastor Mark Driscoll Glosses Over His Own Abusive Behavior, Plays The Victim In His New Book

Pastor Mark Driscoll, who had to resign from Mars Hill Church in Seattle in 2014, has written a new book, “Spirit-Filled Jesus: Live By His Power,” in which he plays the victim while recalling his family’s move to Phoenix, Arizona, in 2015 where he started a new church.

The Friendly Atheist notes some of Driscoll’s behavior at Mars Hill Church:

Driscoll was found to have trolled his own church website’s forums, used church funds to game the system and turn his book about marriage into a bestseller, and committed plagiarism. Former church members were calling for his resignation. And then there was all the sexist and provocative comments from over the years.

In an excerpt from his new book posted on his website, Driscoll portrays himself as a victim:

We moved to Arizona for a hard reset of life and ministry after years of feeling like a crash test dummy in a car with no airbags. After about two decades in ministry, I took some time off to heal up before entering the next season of God’s will for our life. For some months, we had church in our home as a family on Sunday mornings before we relocated for safety reasons.

(Sources: Mark Driscoll, Friendly Atheist, Friendly Atheist)


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