Pastor Calls Republicans ‘Sissies’ For Asking Roy Moore To ‘Step Aside’ After 6 Sex Abuse Allegations

Dr. David Gonnella, pastor of Magnolia Springs Baptist Church in Theodore, Alabama, is upset because Republican leaders have asked Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore to “step aside” because six women have accused Moore of  sexual misconduct.

Roy’s wife Kayla released a list of over 50 pastors whom she claims support her husband, but some pastors have asked to be taken off that old endorsement list.

However, Gonnella told WALA that he is standing by Roy: “I don’t desert my friends just on mere accusations, I require evidence.”

Gonnella also cast doubt on the female accusers whom he doesn’t believe:

Well perhaps satanically motivated, but politically carried out. Why was everyone, all these people silent for so many decades I want to all come for at the same time now.

It’s funny how the Republican Party is. What a bunch of sissies! The Democrats rally around their candidate even when they’re guilty, Republicans want to throw them under the bus on a minor accusation without knowing whether they’re guilty or not.

Gonnella added that his political stands are his “personal” views and that his church does not endorse candidates, which could cost the church its precious tax exemption if it did.

(Source: WALA)

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