Pastor Blames Roy Moore’s Loss On Alabama’s Use Of Pornography

Pastor Kevin Swanson blamed the failed campaign of Republican U.S. Senate candidate and accused child molester Roy Moore on the use of porn by people who live in Alabama.

During his “Generations” radio show, Swanson claimed “that state probably has significant sexual problems, especially since Doug Jones is so in favor of sexual perversion, transgenderism and homosexuality. Evidently, the state of Alabama must have a problem with sexuality. It’s obvious,” notes Right Wing Watch.

After claiming Alabama has the second highest rate of online porn use based on a statistics from the porn site, Swanson warned that Alabama kids were going to turn into homosexuals:

Unless there is a spiritual awakening. I think these conservative states are going to become liberal in their moral values within another five, 10, or 20 years. If the fathers are doing pornography, the kids are going to turn into homosexuals.

The fathers will hide their sin and the children will come out of the closet with it. By the way, the top porn search word in Alabama and Mississippi is “lesbian.”

So another indication that the father’s generation is dabbling in porn, the children’s generation will go head over heels for some of the most egregious sexual crimes that men ever engage in.

(Source: Right Wing Watch, Photo Credit: Kevin Swanson/Twitter)

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