Pastor Andrew Brunson, Who Was Imprisoned In Turkey, Wants Islamic Cleric Extradited To Turkey

Pastor Andrew Brunson, who was imprisoned in Turkish for two years, wants an Islamic cleric, Fetullah Gülen, who resides in Pennsylvania, to be extradited to Turkey and suffer the same fate.

Turkey accused Gülen of having masterminded a failed coup attempt in 2016. Turkey reportedly had wanted to trade Brunson for Gülen, which the U.S. refused to do.

Brunson told the Hürriye Daily News: “If it was up to me, send him to Turkey.”

Ironically, Brunson was imprisoned for being linked to same failed coup. Part of the supposed evidence was a 2016 telephone message in which Brunson said: “We were expecting something that will shake Turks.”

Brunson explained the telephone message to the Hürriye Daily News:

We were expecting such things. I used to say that in my sermons. God allows the foundations we rely on to be shaken, so let’s look at him. It could be stock market, or political turbulence. We people are relaxed. But whenever the stock market falls and face economic crisis, we start to pray. That was what was telling for Turkey.

Brunson said he was not regretful of going to Turkey “because the god wanted millions will pray for Turkey.”

In reality, evangelical Christians were praying for Brunson’s release.

Brunson claimed that God will use his pain and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (who has a history of human rights violations):

To me, the God will use my pain in favor of Turkey, will use for Turkey’s blessing. I want that the God will use President [Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan. He is Turkey’s leader even if some like him or not. Shall the God use him to bless Turkey, bring wisdom and justice.

(Source: Hürriye Daily News, Human Rights Watch, Photo Credit: U.S. Department of State/Flickr)

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