Passenger Calls Flight Attendant A ‘Black B*tch,’ Gets Kicked Off Plane

A Tunisair flight attendant, Ghofrane Binous, was on flight 215 to Tunis from Istanbul, Turkey, when she broke up an argument between two passengers over luggage storage space.

One of the passengers cursed at Binous: “I don’t need your help. The last thing I need is a black b*tch of an air hostess,” notes

In response, the pilot of the plane, Mounir Ajlani, kicked the cursing passenger off of the flight while another unidentified passenger filmed.

Binous recalled the incident on Facebook:

This is what happened: this passenger had no place to put his baggage at the place above the seats and asked that an elderly gentleman’s luggage be moved. As a hostess, I was called to solve the problem, and I offered this lady to wait with her for a while, waiting to find a solution.

She then replied: I don’t need you and then she said athka echna9ni Ken Stewardess “Msaouda Mlaouda”, (a racist insult to my skin color). I asked her if she was aiming at me with her words and, in the face of her méprisante attitude, I began to cry. (mch dho3f ama awl mara manjmch ndf3 3 L Ro7i I represent even a company).

My colleagues came spontaneously to express their solidarity, as well as the passengers, almost all tunisians like the woman who insulted me, who all protested what she had told me. The Commander, informed of what had happened, immediately demanded that this passenger descend from the plane and expressed his support.

The passengers then said that even if the plane was running late, it was nothing, because that passenger was supposed to get out of the plane. And that’s what happened.

(Sources: RawStory.comGhofrane Binous/Facebook, GDNOnline/YouTube)

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