Parler Gets Hacked, Pictures Downloaded, Trump Supporters Worried

Some unidentified hackers broke into the right wing social media site Parler, and downloaded data and pictures, on Jan. 9.

VICE reports the hackers were able to find a web address that Parler uses internally to retrieve all posts, videos, and images uploaded to Parler — including deleted content:

The downloaded data is now being processed before being uploaded to the Internet Archive, where anyone will be able to view or download it — including the open-source intelligence community and law enforcement agencies.

And the possibility of everything coming out has scared some Trump supporters.

“Bad news. Left extremists have captured and archived over 70TB of data from Parler servers. This includes posts, personal information, locations, videos, images, etc,” a Telegram account called North Central Florida Patriots said on Monday morning.

Trump supporters, in particularly, are worried that their content made be made public, especially content that about the Capitol riot from Jan. 6 in Washington D.C.

Parler — which has a history of hate speech, anti-Semitism, wild conspiracies — saw their app banned from Google and Apple stores. and lost its hosting from Amazon.

According to one of the hackers, crash override, the hackers had to hurry before Amazon took Parler off-line to download the content.

(Sources: VICE, crash override/Twitter, crash override/Twitter, crash override/Twitter)

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