Parkland Survivor David Hogg: ‘Bully’ Laura Ingraham Never Apologized For Attacking LeBron James

Parkland high school shooting survivor David Hogg reminded CNN that Fox News host Laura Ingraham never apologized for her attack on NBA player LeBron James when she told him to shut up and dribble in February (video below).

Ingraham apologized to Hogg after several advertisers abandoned her show after she attacked Hogg for not getting into some college. In response, Ingraham has taken a vacation from her show.

Hogg recalled Ingraham’s past attacks against gay Dartmouth students and James (video below):

A bully is a bully and it’s important that you stand up to them. She told LeBron James to shut up and dribble—I don’t see her apologizing for those people. It’s disturbing to know someone could bully so many people for so long and get away with it, especially to the level she did.

I would only consider doing it after she apologizes to all the people that she’s hurt throughout her professionalism career because of her immaturity and unprofessionalism.

(Sources: CNN via Vimeo, Fox News via Twitter)

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