Parkland Student Slams Trump, NRA, Republicans For Opposing Gun Safety Laws

Emma Gonzales, one of the students who survived the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, slammed President Donald Trump, the NRA and Republicans oppose gun safety laws.

During a rally, Emma said: “To every politician taking donations from the NRA, shame on you.”

She read Trump’s tweet that blamed the shooting on mental illness, and added:

We know that they’re claiming that there are mental health issues and I am not a psychologist but we need to pay attention to the fact that this isn’t just a mental health issue.

[Nicholas Cruz] wouldn’t have harmed that many students with a knife. How about we stop blaming the victims for something that was the shooter’s fault?

She also slammed Trump for accepting $30 million in donations from the NRA during the 2016 election.

(Source: CNN via Daily Motion)

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