Parkland Shooting Survivors Smack Down Right Wing Conspiracy Theorists

Students, who survived the mass shooting  Parkland, Florida, and their families are pushing back against conspiracy theorists who claim the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was staged and the kids were “crisis actors.”

David Hogg, one of the students who has been targeted, according to Motherboard, told The Daily Beast that he welcomes the attention:

It makes me know that what I’m doing is right. We get more publicity that way. They’re only helping our cause. 

The cause is gun safety, and the students have planned a March for Our Lives in Washington D.C. on March 28.

Kevin Hogg, father of student David Hogg, slammed conspiracy theorists on CNN on Feb. 20:

The fact that these people are being critical of me as a witness and personally as a victim to this incident and having to witness this and live through it again and again, it is unbelievable.

We are trying to fix that [weapons laws] unlike those people who are tweeting that stuff about me and unlike the people that are tweeting stuff about my dad. I know the people working at the FBI are hard workers.

Fogg noted his record against the conspiracy theorists who have tried to use his FBI background against his son:

I don’t know how they believe that there is such a thing. My career has been perfect. I was a navy pilot before, an elementary school teacher. I moved on and got on with the FBI and I was proud of it and I still am.

We would teach other countries, all over Southeast Asia and the Philippines in Cambodia, these management courses. One of the tweets I saw claimed that I was involved with something — and there is no way. I don’t know why they would say that… I’m not worried about it. They can bring it on. It’s a joke.

(Sources: The Daily Beast, CNN via YouTube, Motherboard)

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