Parkland Dad Slams Rep. Matt Gaetz For Disrupting Gun Hearing With Rants About Trump’s Wall

Manuel Oliver, father of slain Parkland student Joaquin Oliver, slammed Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida — who tried to have him thrown out of a gun violence hearing — on MSNBC’s Morning Joe”:

The reason why I call [Gaetz] a salesperson is because he’s selling a project that has no relationship at all to what the discussion was about.

This person came in here trying to solve the problem with the argument that we need a wall. We’re discussing about gun violence in this room and how are we going to end with this epidemic.

Oliver said “it was very offensive ”that Gaetz and other Republicans believe a wall will “be the solution for all our problems”:

And then he pointed at me like that. You don’t point at me like that. And then he tried to get me out of the room. And you don’t do that. You don’t get me out of any room. I’ll get you out of that room as soon as I have the chance to vote for someone else.

You know who’s an immigrant? I’m an immigrant. My son came from Venezuela, I was trying to find a safer life in here. He got shot by an American white dude.

(Source: MSNBC)

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