Parents Outraged After Texas Church Teaches Accurate Biological Sex Education

Some parents are outraged because the First United Methodist Church taught their children accurate facts about sex in Childress, Texas on April 21.

Mike Henderson, a representative for the Church of Christ in Childress, said his church shared their content with the First United Methodist Church. Henderson said his church has been teaching this curriculum in their youth program for 15 years.

However, parent Cory Rodecap told KFDA how upset he was that his child was educated in biology:

We got back to the house and she was pretty hesitant, and she said, “There is something that we learned at church today, and I don’t want you to be mad at me.” They crammed in her head, I mean completely stripped my daughter of all her innocence.

Another local resident shared their outrage:

I guess it’s fine to have a Christian input, but it still shouldn’t be done in church.

Another Childress resident mangled basic grammar while complaining about sex ed:

You’re not the child. You’ve got to stand up for your kids, teach them. Nobody should be able to teach your kids nothing.

Kayla Evans freaked out on Facebook because her 13-year-old daughter was exposed to accurate terminology:

I’m seriously at a loss for words and just completely confused what our daughter was taught at church tonight. I’m outraged it’s been a while since I’ve been at church but is this really what’s being taught to youth now? I had to ask my 8 year old just to be sure he hasn’t had some kind of talk without my permission 🤬 I didn’t get this kind of sex talk hell I just learned some of it in my adult life 😂🤦🏼‍♀️😳😢😭 what is this world coming to? I’ve been protecting them as much as possible from freaking YouTube I had no idea I’d get this from church!!!!!!!!

KFDA posted some of the sex ed materials with a warning for its emotionally crippled viewers: “WARNING: Some of the content below may be considered sexually explicit. Viewer discretion is advised.”

(Sources: KFDA, Kayla Evans/Facebook)

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