Parents Complain Black Worker At Daycare Center Is ‘Too Dark’

Some unidentified parents complained in a racist letter about a daycare center’s black employee being “too dark” and scaring the kids with the color of her skin.

The Morning Call notes the letter was sent to the Bridge 2 Creative Learning Center in Whitehall, Pennsylvania.

According to, a fact-checking website, the letter is real and states:

Hello I am writing this as a concerned parent and friend!

So most of us noticed you have a black girl working for the daycare. Our problem is she’s too dark most of the kids is scared of her. I am only telling you this because some of us are planning to pull our kid form the daycare shes an eye sore. I see you’re trying to touch all of the nationalities but maybe hire a light skinned black she would blend more and not look like a “NANNY”. She’s not the first thing a child nor the parents want to see soon as they walk in the daycare. So the choice is yours! Choose wisely remember WE THE PARENTS PAY YOUR MORTAGE. I hope you make her aware shes not wanted. I’m sending her a copy as well. However if she needs a job Mcdonalds is always hiring her kind. So work your magic and make it disappear!!!


Dominique McKelley, owner of the daycare center, told the The Morning Call: “This is not OK. It’s gone too far — this hatred. Now you’re targeting a day care center?”

(Sources: The Morning Call,

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