Paramedic Disarms Cop Who Has Mental Breakdown And Shoots At Innocent Man

Video has surfaced of Sevier County Sheriff’s Deputy Justin Johnson firing several shots at a mobile home park without warning in December 2016 in Sevierville, Tennessee.

Johnson’s own body cam video shows him having a nervous breakdown as a paramedic disarms him, notes the Knoxville News Sentinel.

Johnson made no mention of his emotional meltdown in his police report, but he remains on active duty.

Brian Keith Mullinax and Tina Carrie Jo Cody were jailed for 42 days on felony charges for supposedly causing Johnson to have a “panic attack.

Those charges were dropped by a judge, but Mullinax is still charged with assaulting Johnson even though he clearly did not on the video. Cody remains charged with resisting arrest.

In the body cam video, Cody is chased by Johnson, apprehended and then held on the ground for most of the video.

After paramedics arrived, Johnson began hyperventilating and running backwards.

As Johnson was having his meltdown, paramedic Michael O’Connor calmly disarmed the emotionally unstable deputy.

Amazingly, O’Connor eventually handed Johnson his gun back.

Mullinax, who was unarmed, lay facedown on the ground with his arms extended exactly as Johnson had commanded during the entire bizarre incident.

A spokesman for Sevier County Sheriff Ron “Hoss” Seals would not comment.

Johnson was called to the mobile home park because a woman had reportedly fallen inside one of the homes.

Cody and Mullinax lived in a neighboring mobile home.

The woman, who was disoriented, claimed that Cody and Cody’s mom had stolen her purse. While the woman was making her claim to Johnson, Cody climbed over a fence that led to a field, which is when Johnson ran after Cody and the video began.

Johnson falsely claimed in his police report that Mullinax, who walked onto his porch with a cell phone, had a gun:

I heard a male voice coming from a short distance behind me shout, “I’ve got a gun, (expletive).” I turned to notice (a suspect) pacing wildly on the porch of a nearby mobile home and then squat while aiming an object at me that appeared to be a firearm in his hand. I immediately discharged my weapon.

In reality, Mullinax yelled at Johnson that he was filming Johnson (with his cell phone) roughing up Cody.

Johnson falsely claimed his police report that he opened fire “in defense for my life” and the safety of the paramedics, one of whom disarmed him.

(Source: Knoxville News Sentinel)

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