Paragliding Protester Flies Within Feet Of Trump In Scotland

A paragliding protester flew within feet of President Donald Trump at the Trump Turnberry golf course in South Ayrshire, Scotland, on July 13 (more video below).

The Greenpeace protester held a sign reading: “Trump well below par #Resist.”

A Greenpeace spokesman said police were told about the unusual protest ten minutes before it happened, notes The Sun.

Greenpeace said they also contacted air traffic control by phone and radio about the paraglider.

However, Scotland’s Police Assistant Mark Williams said it was a criminal act:

We are aware a powered parachute was flown in close proximity of the Turnberry Hotel earlier this evening.

It is a criminal offense to fly within the airspace restriction zone and officers are carrying out enquiries to trace the pilot.

(Sources: The Sun, Sky News/Twitter, LBC London News/Twitter)

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