Palm Beach, Florida Votes to Require COVID-19 Masks to Save Lives, Residents Are Furious

Palm Beach County commissioners voted 7-0 to require residents to wear life-saving COVID-19 masks in the Florida town, prompting a meltdown among some towns people on June 23 (MORE VIDEO BELOW).

The unhinged citizens spouted bizarre conspiracy theories, non-existent constitutional laws and angry defiance, which WPTV gently described as “impassioned.”

Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner told the Palm Beach Post that safety masks are needed to bring down the deadly coronavirus:

I think this is going to be the most effective pivot point in … suppressing the spread of the coronavirus. We need to see how this works first before we go deeper into our economy reopening.

(Sources: WPTV/YouTube, PalmBeachPost/YouTube, The Palm Beach Post)

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