Over 100 Undocumented Workers Helped Build Trump’s NJ Bedminster Resort: Report

Over 100 undocumented immigrants reportedly worked on the construction and operation of President Trump’s resort in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Sixteen workers from Costa Rica and other Latin American nations told the Washington Post how they worked for Trump, who regularly attacks and demonizes undocumented immigrants.

A Costa Rican construction worker, Dario Angulo, told the Post:

Many of us helped him get what he has today. This golf course was built by illegals.

Mauricio Garro, a maintenance worker who was employed at Bedminster until 2010, added:

For me, moving to the U.S. wasn’t a very drastic change. My whole town practically lived there.

One former housekeeper at the resort told the Post that managers didn’t care about workers’ legal status:

My friend said there was nothing to worry about. She told me, “They don’t care.”

One female employee told the Post that some workers would be hidden by managers when Trump himself arrived to dine:

They would tell us it was because the restaurant was hosting an important event, and only the workers who could speak English could be there.

The Trump Organization did not comment.

(Source: The Washington Post, Photo Credit: CBS This Morning/YouTube)

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